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Logistics - ANITA meeting at UCI
as of 11/20 v1

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Logistic Information -last updated 11/20

AV resources in 1114 Nat Sciences:
2 OH projectors
1 LCD projector for laptop presentations
Videotape player and TV

Additional Rooms for breakout sessions:

3122 FRH : Videoconferencing M12-6PM
4135 FRH: Nice meeting room for <20 people, M9-2PM
Perhaps a few classrooms in Nat Sci will be available as well.

Computer resources in 1114 Nat Sciences:
There will be several jacks to plug in laptops
We may have radio-wireless connections to net, bring your MAC numbers if you think you will use this feature. We definitely have wireless in the Physics Building, Fred Reines Hall (FRH).'

Computer resoures in Fred Reines Hall (FRH)

Guest account: guest ice@uci are the two bits of info you need

Terminals in 3155A (rightmost room) and 3171(left room has jacks for ethernet connections) and one terminal running Redhat Linux.

We also have wireless (no protection) ethernet in FRH, dhcp.

Postscript Printers in FRH

B&W: 3171 [lpr -Php4m_ps]
3126 [lpr -Php5m_ps]
Color 3126 [lpr -P740ps]

Room 3126 is usually locked so you'll need to find somebody from UCI to open the room for you. If you need transparencies for the color or B&W machines, then please see Steve Barwick,
or Carrollann Simmon.

Xerox machine

3171 FRH: you need to enter code 834
If you need transparencies for the xerox machine, contact Carrollann Simmons
You may need to power up the machine - there are two power buttons (side and top)


Sunday- park in Lot 13 (see map of campus), then get permit from Carrollann and put it one your window
Monday- we have reserved 10 spots in Lot 13, no need to get permit

We encourage all of you to take advantage of the "free" breakfasts at Travelodge or Atrium
Also, we'll have
Coffee, OJ and sweet roles in morning
Coffee and sodas in the afternoon

UCI Anteater

Barwick Group
School of Physical Sciences
University of California Irvine

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