ANITA: Antarctic Impulse Transient Array
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ANITA Presentations Archive

(Transparencies of Talks):

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pdf file Searching for Neutrinos at the High Energy Frontier Mar 03 Transparencies from APS meeting in Philadelphia, PA
pdf file ANITA: ANtarctic Impulse Transient Array- Resent Progress May 04 Transparencies from APS meeting in Denver, CO (1.8MB)
pdf file The detection of extremely high energy neutrinos- AMANDA and ANITA Oct 03 Talk by S. Barwick, developed for F03 Colloquia and JAFOS-03, Japan (5MB)
pdf file

Neutrinos: Canaries in the Coal Mine

The detection of extremely high energy neutrinos using AMANDA and ANITA

Jun 04 Talk given at Aspen Institute of Physics

UCI Anteater

Barwick Group
School of Physical Sciences
University of California Irvine

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