ANITA: Antarctic Impulse Transient Array
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Attenuation Length of Polar Ice at RF Frequencies

(200 MHz to 500 MHz):

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Mechanized reel and Andrews 7/8" cable. Cable+reel weighs about 1000 lbs. Overview of antenna connection to cable. Jiwoo is hold 50 lbs of weights to straighten the cable. Close-up of antenna and connection to weights (oval caribiner on upper right). The support system is rated to 1000 lbs.

Schedule and Overview of RF attenuation tests planned for South Pole 03-04 Season.

layout file RadioAtten-layout1.doc (Word Document) 5-28-03 Layout of RF tests at pole
layout file RadioAtten-SPRESO.doc (Word Document) 5-28-03 Expanded view near SPRESO hole
layout file RadioAttn-RICEhole.doc (Word Document) 5-28-03 Expanded view near RICE hole
layout file VSWR.jpg 6-05-03 for RICE antenna/transmitter
  Attenuation of Andrews 7/8" Cable 7-23-03 Graphic

UCI Anteater

Barwick Group
School of Physical Sciences
University of California Irvine

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