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AMANDA featured in Symmetry magazine ('04)

New Am-II Point Source analysis includes data from 00-02 (Dec '04)

Am-II Point Source paper in PRL('04) -PRL cover story(html)

New TWR DAQ improves Am-II in 2004

B10-Point Source paper in ApJ('03)

Diffuse Source paper in PRL('03)

Atm nu paper

AMANDA mentioned Discover(Feb'03)

AMANDA in Physics Focus(Nov '02)

AMANDA brochure

Old News

AMANDA-II map(ps) of Northern Hemisphere neutrino sky using data from 2000-2002 (paper)

The AMANDA-II team has produced the most detailed map of the high energy neutrino sky so far. No sources of continuous emission have yet been observed, but data is streaming in.

Download a panoramic view of AMANDA-II: 
Warning: expands to 36MB

Animation of Amanda Tescope in Action

Click on the image above for an animated view.

The dream, now more than 40 years old, of constructing a radically different telescope has been realized by the innovative AMANDA-II project. Instead of sensing light, like all telescopes since the time of Galileo, AMANDA responds to a fundamental particle called a neutrino. Neutrino messengers provide a startlingly new view of the Universe.

Members of the AMANDA team designed the first practical implementation of the generic ideas formulated many years ago, and re-introduced in late 80's with the twist of using Antarctic ice instead of water. Due to the remoteness of the site in Antarctica, we decided to minimize complexity of the design while recognizing that the simplest devices and system architectures were sufficient to answer the key questions. This concept proved highly effective. AMANDA is now an international collaboration involving institutions from the US, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, and Venezuela.

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